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Find out more about walking school buses and other Safe Routes to
School programs in Longmont and the surrounding communities.
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Grabbing breakfast to go is a great way to add fun and nutrition
to your self-powered commute. Click here for more ideas.
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Walking or biking to school can have a big impact on the health of
our families and community. Click here to see how.

Walk! Bike! Ride! Scoot! Jump!

St. Vrain Safe Routes to School enables and encourages children and their parents to walk, bike or use human power to get to and from school each and every day. The program is designed to increase awareness and be self-motivating. Simply put, our goals are for kids to engage in an active lifestyle, participate with friends and neighbors, and arrive at school with a smile and ready to learn—having had fresh air and physical activity before the school day even begins.

More about our program

Get Involved

Whether you want to bring a Safe Routes to School program to your school or neighborhood, or just want to get ideas to motivate your own family, there are lots of ways to get started.

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Find a Map for Your School

Safe Routes to School provides local maps for schools in Longmont and the surrounding communities. Use your map to find the safest routes for walking and biking to and from your school.

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What’s Your School Doing?

From walking school buses to bicycle rodeos, there’s a lot going on around the Longmont area to inspire kids and families to get moving. Find out more about programs already in place at your school.

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See It in Action

St. Vrain students, parents and teachers are talking the talk and walking the walk. Check out some of the awesome activities and programs going on around town. You may even see some familiar faces!

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In the Classroom

Hey St. Vrain teachers! You play a huge role in inspiring healthy behavior in children. Safe Routes to Schools provides support and guidance to help you champion healthy practices in the classroom.

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Small changes. Big boost.

Little things can really lift off. Something as simple as walking or biking to and from school can positively impact overall wellbeing—and even benefit the entire community.

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I walk or ride because…

  • Jennifer
    My daughter and I walk our son to preschool in the mornings. It’s 20 minutes that absolutely make the rest of my day. Regardless of what else is going on at home or work, that’s my little window of morning mom time with my kids. We’re just starting to ride bikes as well, and it’s awesome to see our son run into school, announcing to his teachers that he rode his bike all the way by himself.

    Jennifer, Mom / Longmont, CO /

  • Safe Routes Testimonial Longmont Kelly
    We are fortunate to walk to school every day! My kids make so many connections to their neighborhood, nature, community, and our family in this short time spent outside together, both to and from school, rain or shine!

    Kelly, Mom / Longmont, CO /

  • Safe Routes Testimonial Longmont Kristen
    I would do anything to avoid the chaos of the school parking lot at drop-off and pick-up. Plus walking or biking provides great exercise and quality time with the kids. We get exposure to nature to and from school and biking makes us feel more connected to our immediate community.

    Kristen, Mom / Longmont, CO /

  • Safe Routes Testimonial Longmont 4th Grader
    I like to hear the birds chirping on the way to school on my bike. And I enjoy riding with my friends who ride scooters or bikes on certain days of the week.

    4th grader / Longmont, CO /

  • Safe Routes Testimonial Longmont 6th Grader
    We like biking to school because it is fun. My friends all meet at us at our house and bike together. I am determined to ride everyday this year unless I am sick. I’m wondering if my friends will stick with it.

    6th grader / Longmont, CO /

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